Our vision on healthcare in the future
in six themes

Healthcare must be provided faster, better and easier. This requires a great deal of healthcare organisations. It requires the right course of action and a strong vision. It requires healthcare in which people come first, gradual innovation and reliable partners. Moreover, do you have the right data to send? Ultimately, it is about future-proof care. The Open Care Connect ecosystem helps healthcare organisations innovate by developing a strong vision. A vision, which can be subdivided into six themes. We help healthcare organisations become future-proof by means of these themes.

People first

Healthcare is about people. People who need care or who even fully depend on care. And it is all about staff; an increasingly scarce group of people who can make the difference in terms of the provision of services.

It is important that the staff has the right tools to be able to focus on the tasks that really matter. We believe that technology is a prerequisite for better and more humane care. Provided it is used properly, technology helps to tailor the care to the needs of the individual, without losing the group. In short: technology and ICT play an important role, but people will always come first. Smart solutions are great to work with and enable us to get more done in a shorter amount of time. It enables the healthcare staff to fully focus on providing healthcare to people without having to concern themselves with procedures and administrative tasks.

In the interest of employee and client

The most important way for health organisations to distinguish themselves is by means of their staff. How can technology help support or even safeguard the culture you want to create within your organisation? How can technology give maximum support to the employee’s skills and give maximum return on investment with respect to these skills? Can technology be used to help provide quality care? These questions also require a strong vision and strategy. We (jointly with the right partners) help healthcare professionals get used to the use of technology in the working place. We train them and share our success stories. We emphasise that healthcare will always be about people. And that technology must always be at the service of people.

"We emphasise that healthcare will always be about people. And that technology must always be at the service of people."

How can we help the relatively slow-changing organisations in a technological world, which is changing significantly? That was the central question when developing Open Care Connect. An important question, because organisations are struggling to make the transition into the new digital world.

There is a pitfall in the fact that there will be a gap between the speed at which new technology becomes available and the speed at which organisations are able to embrace this technology in their everyday work.

Working together towards the same goal

The implementation of new technology must be embedded in the culture and vision of the organisation. This requires a convincing vision, which revolves around the client. A company should have a clear management vision to be able to take effective decisions within the organisation. This is necessary to set in motion a process of change. An important part of that process is freeing capacity for testing and learning of the new technology. Provided that the learning objective matches the organisation’s vision and strategy.


The implementation of the new technology does not only concern the ICT department, but it concerns everyone. From care manager to facility manager. And from purchaser to client. During this process, the triangle of client-relative-professional is often too little involved. Moreover, the social environment of the client is often not sufficiently taken into account. Within the Open Care Connect platform a strong vision and a clear strategy are therefore prerequisites. We help organisations develop their visions and strategies. Together, we are working towards a common goal.

The right course of action
with a strong vision

"A company must have a clear management vision to be able to take effective decisions within the organisation."

Reliable cooperation

Transformation means learning. And learning means making mistakes. This requires a safe environment of parties who share the same ambition and who make investments based on this ambition. The ecosystem of partners offers this safety to learn.

As you select partners based on their added value, a mutual dependency arises. Trust is one of the core values for open innovation.

Working towards a common goal

You can only innovate by collaborating with other parties. After all, it is all about working processes, services and customer requirements. First and foremost, it is about people: clients and employees. A collaboration can only be successfully if all parties know why we are innovating and how we go about doing that. And if we are all working towards the same common goal. Innovation must therefore be driven by a cross-functional collaboration, based on a uniform vision.

Transparent agreements

With respect to skills, clout and culture, it is important that healthcare organisations collaborate with the right partners. And that all partners contribute to innovation based on their own expertise. Trust is essential. That is why transparent agreements form an important part of Open Care Connect. We safeguard these agreements in Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and ESCROW agreements.

"Transformation means learning. And learning means making mistakes."

New, groundbreaking healthcare solutions are being introduced almost on a daily basis. From wearables and apps to smart domotica. All of these solutions have their own platform and their own app. And all solutions only solve part of the total demand for care.

Because of this, there is a need for a single platform to link all existing and new solutions and to ensure a uniform handling process. Moreover, a platform which enables the gradual transition to new solutions in an easily accessible way. Within Open Care Connect, we use a local on-premises solution, a cloud solution and a mobile app.

This resulted in a hybrid platform, which links the existing and new domotica solutions in an entirely brand-independent way. The care worker only uses one mobile app for the handling process, communication or to, for instance, open a door. Thanks to various techniques (such as REST API), third parties can also be connected. Such as technology manufacturers. But also other systems within the organisation, such as a back-office system, can be connected to the platform. It will be easy to connect everything. And the best part is that you don’t have to do it at once. You can also do it gradually.

Learning, evaluation and adjustment

Nowadays, small innovations often give rise to renewal. By experimenting and testing. We are learning, evaluating and adjusting where necessary based on data and feedback. This process allows for innovation that truly has added value. The hybrid platform of Open Care Connect also allows for this agile approach. Healthcare organisations can choose to implement new solutions on a small scale. They can then adjust and optimise the solutions based on feedback and data. After that, it is easier and more effective to scale up.


"New, groundbreaking healthcare solutions are being introduced almost on a daily basis. From wearables and apps to smart domotica."

The power of data

To be able to successfully transform as a healthcare organisation, you need data. Only data-driven organisations are able to adapt to the changing customer requirements, environment and society. For this reason, organisations need to record data.

Even if no clear purpose for the use of that data has been established yet. It is important to store all data in a safe way and to structure it in the correct manner in order to create information which is easily interpretable. You can use this information to measure the effects of the changes. You will be able to make adjustments where necessary. Data provides clear insight into the quality of processes and of the final service. Ultimately, it will help organisations innovate, in all aspects, based on content and facts instead of opinions and assumptions.

Jointly search for smart solutions

When optimizing the healthcare process, data is crucial. However, funding of healthcare domotica is often hard to obtain. That is why we intend to experiment with modern and innovative funding and payment models. ‘Pay per use’ is a good example of such an innovative payment model.

"Data provides clear insight into the quality of processes and the final service. Ultimately, it will help organisations innovate, in all aspects."

Elderly care will change a lot in the future. All parties will benefit from future-proof elderly care. In other words, care that will ensure that the elderly will be able to live independently for as long as possible, in a humane, honest and affordable way. With the right balance between care, living and wellbeing.

Proper healthcare, which revolves around the dependent person as an individual. Which allows the resident or client to retain control over his or her own life to the extent possible. How can we innovate within elderly care without losing sight of this coherence and humanity? And without avoiding ethical issues?

Ready for the future

With Open Care Connect, we facilitate the digital transformation. Resulting in sustainable care. Organisations that use Open Care Connect are automatically working towards more sustainable care, which ensures the improvement of quality of life and work. Moreover, such organisations are capable of adjusting to the changing needs of society and to the individual demands and values of people. We will take account of the privacy-sensitive aspects of technology. Together, we will implement the technology in such a way that it will violate the privacy as little as possible.

Sustainable care

"All parties will benefit from elderly care, which is future-proof. In other words: care that will ensure that the elderly will be able to live independently for as long as possible."