Service Portal for Healthcare Organisations

Would you like to receive valuable data that can help you direct and control your organisation? Do you want to simplify and optimise the work processes, and by doing so improve the quality of your service? Like any organisation, yours also collects a wealth of data. By storing this data securely and structuring it in the right way, interpretable information is created. This information can be used as a tool to measure the effect of changes. And to adjust where necessary. This is called Business Intelligence (BI).

Open Care Connect Service Portal

The Open Care Connect Service Portal helps your care organisation with this. One way it does so is by means of relevant Business Intelligence reports that offer insight. The Service Portal is part of the Open Care Connect ecosystem. Ultimately, this helps your organisation to innovate and transform digitally, on the basis of content and facts rather than opinions and assumptions. This is very important, since only data-driven organisations are capable of adapting to the changing customer needs, environment and society.

Valuable data for management control

Do you want to put your organisation’s data to good use? That is possible within the Open Care Connect Service Portal. The BI reports will eventually replace the reports that you see at the moment in CQ-Net Live. Reports within the Service Portal will provide more and better insights, and they support your ambitions to be data-driven. A few examples:

  • Get valuable data from CQ-Net Server, CQ-Net Live and CQ-Mobile.
  • View the statistics per employee (provided you work with personal accounts in CQ-Net Live).
  • View how many alarms come in per hour, day or week, and plan the staffing level.
  • View per alarm type (normal call, assistance call, emergency call) how quickly an alarm is picked up and handled, which clients make the most alarm calls, and suchlike.
  • Analyse the alarms per client, e.g. in relation to the care capacity.
  • Receive technical reports to solve specific problems.

Statistics per employee thanks to ‘pay per use’

Would you like to view statistics per employee? That is possible if you work in CQ-Net Live with one account per employee. Thanks to the ‘pay per use’ model, your care organisation only pays for the actual use per hour and per employee, and therefore no longer per user per month. Consequently, your organisation is no longer forced to work with accounts per team or department within CQ-Net Live to save money. The more personal accounts you have, the better – real-time! – insights you gain concerning the costs per employee, project and organisation. You also gain real-time insight into the staffing and performance of employees with specific job positions. In short: better data to implement organisational improvements.

In development! Open Care Connect Academy

We go even further. We create a space for you within the Open Care Connect Service Portal, for instance, for content from home automation manufacturers, implementation partners such as installers and system integrators and care organisations themselves. Examples of this include instructional films and manuals about the use of healthcare home automation, working with systems and learning how to read reports. All this to support on-site training or user instructions. All of this information is meant to ensure that employees can work well with all applications within Open Care Connect.

Do you also want valuable data for management control?