Is your healthcare organisation ready for the future?

Open Care Connect supports care organisations in optimising the digital-transformation process. We do this together with specialised partners. Each partner has its own added value and together we work towards a complete ecosystem aimed at the best solutions in the care sector. To achieve this, Open Care Connect offers five solutions.

Software Solutions - Open Care Connect

Software Solutions

The core of the Open Care Connect concept features three software solutions. An on-premise solution (CQ-Net Server), a cloud platform (CQ-Net Live) and a solution to ensure that all functionalities can be operated from a single app (CQ-Mobile).

Product Solutions - Open Care Connect

Product Solutions

The software solutions within the Open Care Connect concept are not stand-alone. They always require hardware solutions to give form to certain functionalities. Examples include products in the area of eHealth, IoT and care domotics.

Project Solutions - Open Care Connect

Project Solutions

A care solution is easy to use if it has been properly implemented. Implementation is an art in itself. Within the Open Care Connect concept, the implementation is therefore treated as a project and carried out by selected partners.

Consultancy Solutions - Open Care Connect

Consultancy Solutions

Our partners (consultants) help organisations to develop a vision and a strategy for implementing and adopting new technology and processes. This means the technology is not stand-alone, but optimally supports the care process.

Managed Solutions - Open Care Connect

Managed Solutions

Care continues 24/7. Both on weekdays and in the weekend. An error in the care system must therefore be solved immediately, which is why Open Care Connect offers 24/7 service. This means there is always someone available for service and support.

Open Care Connect Ecosystem

The Open Care Connect ecosystem is a platform on which all products and services of various manufacturers can be connected and that interlinks these products and services. Both new and existing technology can be connected, which provides organisations the opportunity to gradually make the transition to the many solutions that are becoming available within the ecosystem. Central management and the use of one platform and one mobile app are maintained within this ecosystem. The ecosystem consists of three elements.

Open Care Connect Ecosyteem

Stay informed

The Open Care Connect platform and its products, solutions and services are continuously under development and renewed. Stay informed of all developments and receive the latest news.

Open Care Connect Partners

We jointly develop the Open Care Connect ecosystem with manufacturers, implementing partners and healthcare organisations. We distinguish three partners. Firstly, the Open Care Connect Partners: healthcare organisations we purposefully enter into a relation with immediately to be able to specifically test and implement new developments. Secondly, the Open Care Connect Implementing Partners: installers, system integrators and transformation coaches who help healthcare organisations use technology in such a way as to achieve higher returns. And thirdly, the Open Care Connect Technology Partners: leading manufacturers of assistive technology in the Netherlands and elsewhere.