Is your healthcare organisation
ready for the future?

Healthcare faces many challenges. There is a great shortage of qualified personnel, people are living independently for longer and ever less money is available per client. Employees can only devote part of their time to care work. A fair amount of time is spent on prerequisite tasks, such as administration. It is therefore important to automate many of the tasks. It must be done faster, better and easier. This requires smart solutions for now and the future.

Is your organisation ready for the future? Learn more about our vision, which comprises six themes:

People first

Healthcare is about people. People who need care or who even fully depend on care. And it is all about staff; an increasingly scarce group of people who can make the difference in terms of the provision of services. We believe that technology is a prerequisite for better and more humane healthcare. Provided it is used properly, technology can help tailor healthcare to the needs of the individual person, without losing the group. In short: technology and ICT play an important role, but people will always come first.

The right course of action with a strong vision

Organisations are struggling to make the transition into the new digital world. The implementation of new technology must be embedded in the culture and the vision of the organisation. This requires a convincing vision, which revolves around the client. Especially, because it doesn’t only affect the ICT department, but it concerns everyone. From care manager to facility manager. And from purchaser to client. We help organisations to develop such a vision. We will jointly work towards a common goal.

Reliable collaboration

Transformation means learning. And learning means making mistakes. This requires a safe environment of parties who share the same ambition and who make investments based on this ambition. The ecosystem of partners offers the safety to learn. As you select partners based on their added value, a mutual dependency arises. Trust is one of the core values of open innovation.

Open Care Connect Ecosystem

The Open Care Connect ecosystem is a platform on which all products and services of various manufacturers can be connected and that interlinks these products and services. Both new and existing technology can be connected, which provides organisations the opportunity to gradually make the transition to the many solutions that are becoming available within the ecosystem. Central management and the use of one platform and one mobile app are maintained within this ecosystem. The ecosystem consists of three elements.

Open Care Connect Partners

We jointly develop the Open Care Connect ecosystem with manufacturers, implementing partners and healthcare organisations. We distinguish three partners. Firstly, the Open Care Connect Partners: healthcare organisations we purposefully enter into a relation with immediately to be able to specifically test and implement new developments. Secondly, the Open Care Connect Implementing Partners: installers, system integrators and transformation coaches who help healthcare organisations use technology in such a way as to achieve higher returns. And thirdly, the Open Care Connect Technology Partners: leading manufacturers of assistive technology in the Netherlands and elsewhere.